Spiritual and Cultural Activities

Spiritual Goal:

  The spiritual goals of all our overseas establishments remain the same as those embraced by the Head Office. It reads: “As enunciated by its God-realized and venerable founder, it consists of these four-pronged lofty ideals: global spiritual awakening, global unification, global synthesis and global emancipation of all humankind the world over. In its pursuits thereto, special emphasis is placed on the upholding of these cardinal principles of the Hindu religion, namely karma, dharma or righteousness and nirvana or enlightenment. Here are the sagely decrees in form of the Ten Divine Messages or Commandments as promulgated by our illustrious Founding Father Jagat Guru Acharya Srimat Swami Pranavanandaji Maharaj.”  

Sangha Bani


What is the Goal of Life ? Self Realization, Universal Emancipation


What is Religion? Self-sacrifice, Self-abnegation, Self-Discipline, Adherence to truth and Countenance


What is Real Death? Forgetfulness of the “Self”


What is Real Life? Self-possession, Self-remembrance and Self-consciousness


What are Real Virtues? Heroism, Virility, Manliness and Aspiration for emancipation


What are Real Sins? Weakness, Fear (Defeatism), Cowardice, Meanness and Selfishness


What are Real Source of Strength? Patience, Fortitude and Endurance


What are Real Assets? Self-confidence, Self-reliance and Self-respect


What are Real Enemies? Indolence, Slumber, Procrastination, Inertia, Lustful senses and Passions


What are Real Friends? Energy, Enthusiasm and Perseverance

  Outreached Programs:   Lessor emphasis is placed on humanitarian endeavors here in Canada, since there are hardly any real dire need for them when compared to a country like India. Nonetheless, the Canadian Chapter does cater to the needs of deserving souls by engaging in the following activities:  
  1. It provides free hot vegetarian lunches on a daily basis
  • Sponsors a major vegetarian feast for over a hundred person every Sunday
  • Contributes to the local food banks
  • Maintains a depot for clothing and household items which are distributed to allied charities
  • Visits and prays for the sick in hospitals, geriatric homes and prisons wards
  • Plans are in place to commence a Seniors Drop-in Center, a Geriatric Home and a Kindergarten School
  Cultural Goals:   The greatest of emphasis or weight is placed on cultural promotions which is the mainstay or thrust of the Western branches including Canada. The main aim is geared towards preservation of the rich cultural heritage, customs, language and artistic legacies of India. Canadians can learn a lot from our aestheticism and way of life. Blending of eastern and western cultures shall render or make us that much richer. There are so many valuable assets we could avail this most beautiful country we call home. We long to share our values garnered over the millennia with our fellow indigenous and naturalized sisters and brothers of Canada.   For more information on the Culture of India, please click on this link:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_of_India   Our Vision:   We are India’s leading Monastic Order engaged in ameliorating the lot of unfortunate humankind worldwide. This godsend Mission continues to marshal its troupe of motivated monks and volunteers to provide compassionate services to all irrespective of race, color, creed, national origin or religious beliefs. In affirmation of its faith and conviction thereto, our blessed Founder’s modus operandi says it all: the conviction that to serve man is to serve God. It maintains that selfless deeds are the best form of worship. “Lifting one hand to help someone in distress is more ennobling than lifting two hands in prayer to God,” he steadfastly maintains.   Our Core Values:   The objects of this benevolent Charity are based upon these sound and well-articulated fundamental principles. They were promulgated or propounded by our magnanimous Founder himself. At the behest of this holy and magnanimous benefactor of mankind, we are mandated or decreed to obey his instructions literati:  
  1. Being non-sectarian and non communal, we do uphold all human values, rights and privileges.
  • We respect everyone’s dignity and promote inclusiveness.
  • We provide integrity, accountability, effectiveness and full transparency.
  • Qualitative and quantitative monetary measures are strictly adhered to, resulting in all services being of a voluntary nature.
  • Our full time dedicated monks also work without remuneration since they have taken the morose oath of perpetual poverty—the pledge to dedicate their lives to the service of humanity.