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Bharat Sevashram Sangha is a spiritual brotherhood of monks and selfless workers dedicated workers to the service of humanity with vast network of volunteers across the globe dedicated to helping people in distress. The Sangha's social welfare activities include disaster relief, spreading education, providing healthcare facilities, vocational training and upliftment of the tribals. Help US / DONATE If you would like to be informed about our progress and or upcomming programs, please use the online/offline wigget at the button screen and drop us a quick note.


Sangha Bani
What is the Goal of Life ?
Self Realization, Universal Emancipation

What is Religion?
Self-sacrifice, Self-abnegation, Self-Discipline, Adherence to truth and Countenance

What is Real Death?
Forgetfulness of the "Self"

What is Real Life?
Self-possession, Self-remembrance and Self-consciousness

What are Real Virtues?
Heroism, Virility, Manliness and Aspiration for emancipation

What are Real Sins?
Weakness, Fear (Defeatism), Cowardice, Meanness and Selfishness

What are Real Source of Strength?
Patience, Fortitude and Endurance

What are Real Assets?
Self-confidence, Self-reliance and Self-respect

What are Real Enemies?
Indolence, Slumber, Procrastination, Inertia, Lustful senses and Passions

What are Real Friends?
Energy, Enthusiasm and Perseverance


Acharya Swami Pranavanandaji Maharaj 

Acharya Swami Pranavanandaji Maharaj was born in the year 1896 on the auspicious day of Maghi-Purnima (the full moon day of February). He was born in the village of Bajitpur of Faridpur district of East Bengal, India. Presently former East Bengal is known as Bangladesh, an independent country. His parents were Bishnucharan Bhuiya and Sarada Devi. Both his parents were the ardent devotees of Lord Nilarudra Mahadev.

Acharya's Message

The more you can lead your mind from the worldly affairs to the inner world, the more your mind becomes serene and then you will attain discrimination and non-attachment.

No sins, vices and allurements can touch one who realizes that his perishable body will ultimately be reduced to ashes.

Man wants power and peace, where there is restraint there is power and power begets peace, surely.

The body and the mind become strong, healthy, and vigorous by the control of the senses and subjugation of passions and thereby veritable power and peace are attained.

He who is firm in his vow and steadfast in resolution and can attain success in any sphere.

Boundless and infinite energy, power, velour and gallantry lie dormant in man. These are developed only by proper exercise and by constant application and culture.

If you meditate on an utter the holy names of God then you will understand everything. Mind does not become pure without meditation and repetition of God's sacred names, and without purification of the mind, pure knowledge is not attained and without pure knowledge, the inner meaning of religion is not realised.

Without self-examination and self-investigation along with your daily activities, no progress can be achieved. So do not indulge in any continuous activity on the plea of duty, forgetting your own mission.

Carry on your fight ceaselessly and untiringly. The momentary weakness will disappear. You should maintain your distinctive attitude and devote yourself to your special task in a different world of your own.

Always and under all conditions stick to your own principles and ideals. Otherwise your firmness will fall back and laxity will destroy your spiritual life.

Respect your own thoughts and character. Is the man who cannot respect his own self, respected by anyone else in the world?

Do not hesitate to stake your life to accomplish your objective and to finish the work started, shake off weakness.

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Completion Date of new building is schedule for summer of 2019!


  • Permit was applied for on auspecious day of Ekdashi 15 April 2015
  • Permitwas obtained on the auspecious day of Pratipad 24 March 2015
  • Dharti Pooja was done on Auspecious day of  Purnima 19th July 2016

  • As of May 2017:The basement is poured and the sewage has been hooked up to the city system.
  • As of Sept 2017 Floor concrete is poured.
  • As of Feb-2018 Walls are installed
  • 2019 Construction almost completed.

Main events of the life of Acharya 


  • 1896 Ausprcious advent on Wednesday 29th January
                Maghiourbimatithi at Bajitpur

  • 1913 Initation form great ascetic Bambhiranatha-ji
  • 1916 Attainment of Siddhi on Maghiourbimatithi and
    establishment of the Sangha.
  • 1924 Adoption of Monkhood from Swami Govindananda-ji at Prayag
  • 1927 First publication of the Organ of the Sangha entitled Pranava
  • 1928 Starting the worship of Durga at Kashi
  • 1930 Establishment of the Sri Sri Pranavamatha in Bajitpur
  • 1931 Acceptance as Preceptor of the World and
    Reception of the Acharya of Maghiourbimatithi
  • 1934 Organising of the Movement for the Unity in the Hindu Society
  • 1940 Great Hindu Conference and Foundation of the Protection Froce
  • 1941 Demise on Thursday 8th of January in the
    Ahram of Ballygungu in Calcutta.

Toronto Ashram History

With the blessings and guidance of His Holiness Swami Purnanandaji Maharaj of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, India, Swami Brahmanandaji came to Canada in 1974. He relinquished the position as the Principal of Guyana Hindu College and took up the mission of establishing a branch of Bharat Sevashram Sangha in Canada. 

Initially Swamiji started holding Sat-sanghas on Sundays at the homes of devotees and before long, a formal group was organized. In the same year the Organization was incorporated as "Bharat Sevashram Sangha - Sat-sangh Society of Canada." The name was later changed to "Bharat Sevashrm Sangha Canada". 

The Mission temporarily moved to one of the fine Chapels of the University of Toronto at Wellesley and Bay Street, the University providing the premises free of charge. But in order to accomodate the growing membership, and to provide a home for Swamiji, a resolution was passed by the Executive Comittee to purchase a property. In 1983 the Organization finally purchased a store-front property (with living quarters upstairs) at 196 Royal York Road in the City of Toronto. 

His Holiness Swami Brahmanandaji sadly left his mortal body in 1987, but this did not extingqish the hope nor dream. In 1989, a big leap was made when members purchased a house on an acre of land in Etobicoke at the present location at 2107 Codlin Crescent, in the City of Toronto. 

Swamiji in Toronto Ashram 

Currently, Swami Pushkarananda is a monk of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, 211, Rash Bihari Avenue, Calcutta-19, India. He joined Bharat Sevashram Sangha in the year 1975 as a dedicated monk. He was sent for training in different branches of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Bankura, Hohekhali, Calcutta Head qrs, Surat and Ahmadabad. He managed a (Mandali) Preaching Party while he was in Surat in Gujarat and travelled from village to village in Gujarat to preach the Message of Archarya Swami Pranavanandajee Maharaj. 

 In the year 1995 he was sent Canada to continue his missionary work. He is the resident monk of Canada Ashram. The Ashram also owns this adjacent property.

 Ashram Phone 416-679-0967.