Boards of Advisors

A forum of six is required for our monthly meetings convened to discuss plans and programs. Here is a pool of high-ranking and esteemed members from which we could draw depending on the Agenda tabled for discussion:
  • Munish Sarkar: Chemist
  • Dr. Sanjib Mukerjee: Cardiologist
  • Dr. Roopnarine Singh: Cardiologist
  • Gobin Saha: Business Owner 
  • Paltu Sikder: Lawyer                                    
  • Pranab Basu: Former Federal Government Diplomat
  • Mike Sookhoo: Accountant
  • Lake Bhaun: Accountant
  • Jeetu Patel: Accountant
  • Sotabdo Debnath: Engineer
  • Ketan Brahmbhatt: Builder