Youth Group



Youths are season of hope. It is said that the most beautiful flower in the garden of creation is a young mind unfolding its sweet influence into the world. It augers well for any organization if the youths are properly mentored and groomed. They are the men and women of tomorrow who shall be eventually called upon to assume the mantle of leadership. Our youth group is a fertile training ground to achieve the desired results.

The main areas of concentrations in which the group is presently involved in include:

  1. Fundraising initiatives, food bank drives, theatrical arts productions and the planning and implementation of administrative initiatives.
  • Discuss current issues facing youths and articulating the need for change and improvements.
  • Organize sports and other physical activities conducive to their health and social wellbeing.


President: Michael Rakya

Vice President: Tina Bhaun

Secretary: Jason Bhaun

Assistant Secretary: Arti Samujh               

Treasurer: Kevin Balram

Assistant Treasurer:  Anjali Deoram                                  

Committee Members: Ananya Roy, Diya Khan, Chelsea Balram,