Donors Recognition

Donors recolonization:

Dr. Sanjib Mukherjee & Bharti Mukhrjee: $75,000

Monish Sarker: 75,000

Mike Shookhoo: 25,000

Umesh & Donna Sharma: 25,000

Anju Chaudhuri: 25,000

Deownarain Ramsukh: 10,000

Prasad Bannerjee: 10,000

Aloke Mazumder:10,000

Ramsukh Persaud: 10,000

Jeetu Patel & Prakash Patel: 10,000

Janet Balram: 10,000

Rose Sankar: 10,000

Govinda & Kalyani Saha: 10,000

Debyal Mandal: 10,000

Omadat, Dropati, Dr. Arti Paltu: 10,000

Parmod Kaushal: 10,000

Narendra & Rupali Roy: 10,000

Ratna Mitra in loving memory of her parents Late Dr. Sukumar Ghose and Late Dr. Lakshmi Ghose:  5,000

Dr. Roonarine Singh: 5,000

Dr. Ramesh Seegobin: 5,000

Pt. Lokenauth & Kishorie Prashad: 5,000

Swapna Mukherjee: 5,000

Chandicharan Mandal: 5,000

Aloke Mukherjee: 5,000

Amar Gopichand: 5,000

Attish Sarkar: 5,000

Chunilall & Savitri Mangru: 5,000

KumarChand Nankishore: 5,000

Parmod Kaushal: 5,000

Kamalesh Gangopadhyan: 5,000

Shruti Santikary: 5,000

Krishna & Lake Bhaun: 5,000

Shanti Karey: 5,000

Indrani Gayadeen: 5,000

Patsy & Robbin Persaud: 5,000

Samir Mahajan: 5,000

Bharti Chaudhury: 5,000

Kumar & Valeen Balram: 5,000

Satish Kandoor: 5,000

Paresh Chakravorty: 5,000

Anandi Mandel: 5,000

Komal Bhanu: 5,000

In Loving Memory of:

Padmani & Sangram Singh

Dr. K.K. Goswami & Juthika Goswami

Bhagrati & Sarabjit Singh

Monisha Ramgahan

Phulmat & Sugrim Sakhoo

Bhawani & Younarian Sankar

In Everlasting Gratitude:

Mahadai & Chet Singh

Sotabdo Debnath

Ketan Brahmbhatt/Shayona Construction

Sarwat Syed/Archisystem Inc.

Murtie Donors:

Chilaree & Uma Sankar

Gopaul (Dave) Deoram

Savitree Chetram

Devi Persaud

Krishna & Jasmin Mahadeo

Sabita Barratt

Rose Sankar

Urmila, Kumar, Seegobin Maywah

Lucille Dhanraj

Sheuli & Paltu Sikder

Sati Dhanraj

Lokenauth Singh

Our special thanks to Mr. Monish Kumar Sarker.

PUBLISHED JULY 19, 2019 The Globe and Mail.

Fulfilling a son’s commitment by helping to build an ashram

The donor: Monish Kumar Sarker

The gift: $36,000

The cause: Bharat Sevashram Sangha Canada

The reason: To build a new ashram in Toronto

“When Monish Kumar Sarker was growing up in Calcutta in the 1950s, monks from the Bharat Sevashram Sangha would visit his parents regularly.

“Our parents were devotees and they said if we can do anything for these monks, try to do it,” Mr. Sarker, 83, said from his home in Toronto.

The Bharat Sevashram Sangha was founded in Calcutta in 1917 as a spiritual brotherhood of monks dedicated to serving humanity. Today, its global network of monks provides a range of social-welfare services, disaster-relief support as well as educational and health-care programs.

Mr. Sarker left India in 1961 for West Germany, where he trained to become a chemist. He headed to Toronto two years later and arrived with just $30 in his pocket. Thanks to his chemistry training, he went on to a successful career in the painting and office products industry, before retiring in 2002. A couple of years ago, Mr. Sarker discovered that the Canadian branch of Bharat Sevashram Sangha wanted to build a new ashram in Toronto. He approached Swami Pushkaranandaji Maharaj about making a donation in honour of his parents. That led to a $36,000 gift. The new centre opened in June and it has already become a focal point for various events and Sunday services.

The donation fulfills his commitment to his father, Mr. Sarker says. And he credits Canada for making it happen. “The only way I did it was by working here in Canada and by earning the money here. I couldn’t have done it if I didn’t come to Canada.””